Non-Dot Drug Testing

non-dotWe can handle every aspect of your drug testing needs. We offer both instant testing and lab based testing through SAMHSA certified labs. Although urine is the specimen most often tested we also offer hair, saliva, nails, and blood testing. Alcohol is one of the most abused substances and we perform alcohol testing using our DOT certified breath alcohol analyzers. Alcohol can also be tested using saliva, urine, blood, nails or hair. Virtually any drug metabolite can be tested for including synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as K2 and bath salts.

Detection windows vary dependent on specimen type, some only detecting substances for a few hours others for up to a year. Let the professionals here at First Choice Drug Testing help you decide which best fits your needs and budget. Results reporting take from 24-72 hours but for faster test results reporting we can offer instant testing for both urine and saliva. Negatives produced using instant testing are reported immediately.

We offer the same level of competency in assisting you with your NON-DOT testing program as we do with your DOT program. All the same support is available, MRO services, drug and alcohol testing, nationwide and after-hours collection services, supervisory training, and random testing management.