Medical Marijuana in Arkansas and MRO Review.

How First Choice will approach MRO review for Medical Marijuana Cardholders.

We provide MRO review to clients via our Medical Review Officer Dr. Richard Doncer. The review process takes place when a drug test reports “abnormal” from the laboratory. Most of the time that “abnormal” is in the form of one or more drugs that tested positive. Dr. Doncer (or his assistants when appropriate) contact the donor to discuss the labs findings and to determine if there’s a legitimate medical reason for those findings. If it’s a prescription drug and the donor has a valid prescription then the laboratory results are overridden by the MRO and the test is reported as negative to the employer.

Medical Marijuana differs in that there is no such thing as a “prescription”; a card is issued for the user and that gives them the “right” to use. As an MRO, Dr. Doncer does not have the ability to confirm the legitimacy of the card and the law makes no provision to provide this information to anyone except law enforcement and dispensaries. We anticipate potential fraud and expect Medical Marijuana Cards to be copied. Therefore, with no way to “validate” the card we will not be asking cardholders to present their card to us when testing. We also will not we recognize state legalized marijuana when reporting results; we will follow federal law. We will add the notes below to a lab confirmed marijuana positive when the donor claims possession of an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card.

Donor claims medical marijuana cardholder status, MRO review is reflective of Federal Law.